About Lauda

At Lauda Guitars we are trying to do certain things: make really beautiful guitars that feel SO good to play and get you excited every time you hear them. We design and shape the guitars ourselves, we are not just bolting together after-market parts. We use all the good gear, from the wood and pickups to the hookup wire and switches. We are particularly obsessed over how the neck feels and plays, once you have chosen all the right spec's and materials, it's that part of playing that gives you the pleasure - the feel, the experience.

We have put together a series of models we will be releasing over the coming year, matching shapes, necks, pickups and wood choices to give you a variety of options when you are looking at obtaining a Lauda guitar. If however, you appreciate the aesthetic and sound of a Lauda model but would like certain modifications, just talk to us, many things are possible!


Oh yeah, and it's 'Loud, duh!'

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Check out our Artists Page, there's some more examples of Lauda Guitars being put to good use!


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