Make Your Own Electric Guitar or Bass!


Join us in our complete guitar building workshop every week to make your custom guitar or bass...

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Everything you need...

Making your own guitar involves alot of different tools and skills. We have a fully equipped professional guitar building workshop and we can help you with any stage of your guitar build, from school project to full custom build. We can also help you with advice on sourcing guitar parts, tonewoods, guitar building kits, refinishing, as well as tools for guitar building. Whether you would like learn how to make a guitar from scratch or put a guitar kit together, we have the knowledge and resources for you to do it right first time.


Learn at your own pace...

You can make your own guitar using our benches, tools and most importantly: our knowledge and experience as you work at your own pace. We'll be there to show you the right techniques, we'll always have the right tool, and we can do anything you don't feel ready to do...


Book classes as you want them...

There are no course dates - but there are set class times. Just book in the class you want, and spend two hours with us and guitars! Hang out with other guitarists in our friendly environment, share tips and go at your own pace.

Private tuition also available

Outside of class times private tuition is available during the week or Saturday mornings for $66 per hour.

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Great value...

Class size is no more than four, so you will always get plenty of time face to face with our luthier Chris Lau. If you keep coming, you can keep adding to your skills and trying new ones. It's flexible, affordable learning and it's fun!

You can come and spend two hours with our guitar builder, using our tools and benches as often as you like for only $55AU per 2 hour session.


Great advice...

We can help you source any of the right guitar parts, tools or tonewoods. If you're looking for advice on wood choices, such as mahogany, swamp ash, maple, rosewood, ebony...or if you want advice on which pickups will bring the best out of your design and tonewood choices, you have an experienced luthier to talk to! But of course, all the decisions are yours to make. We can also supply a range of popular brands such as Dimarzio, EMG, Seymour Duncan, Bareknuckle, Ernie Ball, GHS, Dunlop, Switchcraft, Gotoh, Graphtech and alot more, at great prices.



"The Lauda Guitars workshop in Magill is equipped with everything you need for just about any job you can imagine. Chris Lau, the professional behind the name of the business does an excellent job of teaching his students step by step the artistry and precision that goes into each of his builds. It was my goal in 2012 to build my own guitar. I was going to do it by myself, as I have qualifications in furniture construction and have always been very proficient with my hands. Now that I’ve had help from Lauda Guitars I look back at myself and think, 'How would that have even been possible without their help?' After working with Chris for 4 short months I can tell you that the advice he offers really is the kind that only comes from 20 years of experience."

Ander Lane - Tech Studies Teacher


Where are we?

We are located at Magill in Adelaide, South Australia. It's a bit less than ten minutes from the centre of the city...


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