Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do you say 'Lauda'?

A: Loud, duh.

Q: What payment options do you have?

A: Eftpos, Paypal, Direct Deposit

Q: Where can I buy a Lauda Guitar?

A: From us, by the power of the internet!
(Thus cutting out those mysterious middle men).
Click here, we'll get back to you, fast.

Q: Where can I see/hear a Lauda Guitar?

A: On our Artists Page, on our Facebook page:
on our YouTube channel...(link on it's way).

Q: Where can I play a Lauda Guitar?

A: We're working on that! They are only available on the net from us, but there may be one in your neighbourhood, in a mate's band, a local studio... Click here, to ask about playing one.

Q: Are your guitars louder?

A: Ha ha. You're funny....Maybe they are.

Q: What is your returns policy?

A: All the usual and fair rights and responsibilities offered under Australian Law, of course. A pdf to download coming soon, but ultimately, we want you to be happy! With us!

Q: What does shipping cost?

A: You could be anywhere, so we price that up for you when you're purchasing the guitar. As little as possible...we don't make profit on the shipping.

Q: What is the Lauda 'Let A Mate Play' policy?

A: Ooh, this is a good one. Register with us when you buy a guitar, and then if one of your mates let's us know it was your guitar they played and then purchased from us, we'll send you $150. True. As many times as that happens...So Let A Mate Play! What can you lose? (Conditions apply, but not many, enquire on registration).

Q: How awesome are your guitars?

A: Awesome.

Q: What are your guitars made of?

A: Awesome wood (like mahogany, ebony and ash).

Q: What do your guitars play like?

A: Like awesome mated with awesome.

Q: If I was to buy one of your guitars, would I be the coolest kid on the block?

A: Yes. Next question.

Q: If a Lauda guitar had a pillow fight with Chuck Norris, who would win?

A: The Guitar, by a sweep picking punch to the nads.

Q: Why would someone choose a Lauda guitar over other popular or vintage brands?

A: Because they've just realised, to be super awesome, they need to play Lauda Guitars.

Q: Were any animals harmed in the production of these guitars?

A: No, but we did make a drummer cry.

Okay, seriously, if you've read this far, and you still want to talk to us, you can start by clicking here.