Shred Monkey

Shred Monkey

Many moons ago, say… the eighties - a young guitarist was upsetting the neighbourhood dogs on a nightly basis with his beaten-up extremely pointy axe affectionately known as ‘the shovel’.

Wailing and riffing his way from Anthrax to Van Halen, he wrestled with his unsteady trem trying to pull mightiness out of an un-inspiring basswood body while trying not to warble like MegaDave under his breath.

Years later, he has returned to the ghosts of the past to resurrect the beast but with a new and deadly form…and in a final clash of homage and total dis-respect he has called it ‘Shred Monkey’.

This guitar is built for speed, and fun. It has no other purpose. It is not an all-rounder. Everything has been designed around agility and tone – and lots of sustain. The compact Schaller Long Block Licenced Floyd Rose provides endless entertainment but keeps performing flawlessly with an action you can take down to 1.25mm…extraordinary.

The whole beast weighs just over 3 kilograms, with excellent balance, better neck joint contouring for easier access to really high frets, a smaller contoured body and pots exactly where you need them, not in the way, not out of reach for volume swells.

The neck is the star of course, blisteringly fast, with the precision of an ebony board, and a custom finish on the back that gives a nearly frictionless feel. The headstock, unlike many shredders of the past, allows a straight string pull to the machine heads.

A front pickup is optional, releasing the strings from extra magnetic pull to allow loads of sustain and searing tone from the Dimarzio Air Norton at the rear. The solid Swamp Ash body is ready for the highs and the lows – resonant and strong.

The Shred Monkey will dive, soar, bark, squeal, moan, rock – and return to pitch in a heartbeat ready for the next assault, intonation intact. He probably won’t be the only guitar you own, but he’ll be the one nothing else will keep up with…

So, if you are interested, a couple more things: you could have a front pickup if you would like one...also we have ours with the trem set for down only, for easy drop-D...but you can order one recessed for full floating tremolo... Just talk to us, many things are possible!

Price: $2600

(including GST, shipping additional)

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Translucent White

Translucent Black

Translucent Cherry

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Body Material: Swamp Ash
Body Shape: Carved Top Custom
Body Finish: Hi Gloss translucent burst


Number of Frets: 24
Frets Size: Medium Jumbo
Fingerboard Radius: 12"
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Ebony


Hardware Finish: Black
Bridge: Schaller Long Block Licenced Floyd Rose
Machine Heads: Gotoh
Nut: Schaller 43mm


Pickup Configuration: H
Bridge Pickup: Dimarzio Air Norton
Neck Pickup: --
Pickup Switching: --
Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone

the 'Shred Monkey' - built for speed